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Technical Guidelines

A Technical Guideline provides non-mandatory information and guidance on how to achieve a requirement as defined in the OSHAD-SF. Guidance is not mandatory, but it should be adopted unless an entity chooses an alternative control measure or course of action that achieves an equivalent or better standard.

Technical guidelines are developed jointly by OSHAD and relevant subject Competent Authority – usually as a subordinate document to an approved Code of Practice.

S.No Title Version Effective Date Download English Attachments Download Arabic Attachments
1.0 Audit and Inspection V 3.0 July 2016
2.0 Communication and Consultation V 3.0 July 2016
3.0 Managament of Contractors V 3.0 July 2016
4.0 Occupational Air Quality Management V3.1 February 2019
5.0 OSH Incident Notification, Investigation and Reporting V 3.0 July 2016
6.0 Process of Risk Management V 3.0 July 2016
7.0 Safe Removal of Asbestos Containing Material V 3.0 July 2016
8.0 Safe Work in Confined Spaces V 3.1 March 2019

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