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Authorities Delegated by OSHAD

Implementation of OSHAD SF

OSHAD, being the competent authority for OSH issues, oversees the implementation of Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework (OSHAD SF) in government and private sectors, through review and approval of OSH management systems, monitoring of performance, audits, inspection and follow up of incidents investigation.

OSHAD delegates some of its authorities to government departments having the power to issue licenses or no objection certificates for entities working their sector, and are called Sector Regulatory Authorities.

Currently, there are 9 main sectors under OSHAD SF that includes industry, building and construction, energy, transport, tourism and culture, health, education, food and waste sectors.

Authorities Delegated by OSHAD (SRAs):

SRAs are responsible for following up implementation of OSHAD SF in their relevant sectors, including:

  • Development and implementation of annual action plan in accordance with the requirements of OSHAD SF (Mechanism 2.0).
  • Identification and classification of entities within their sector in accordance with OSHAD SF requirements and approving it from OSHAD.
  • Setting the necessary plans to ensure development of OSH management systems by High Risk Entities, and ensuring compliance of medium risk entities with mechanism 5 requirements, and setting specific OSH conditions for low risk entities, and approving of plans from OSHAD.
  • Review of OSH management systems developed by entities in accordance with OSHAD SF requirements.
  • Submission to OSHAD all serious incidents notifications and reports related to entities nominated by the Sector.
  • Monitoring entities performance to ensure compliance with OSHAD SF requirements through periodical audits and inspections in accordance with OSHAD procedures.
  • Development and submission of sector quarterly performance reports to OSHAD.
  • Qualifying OSH practitioners working with the SRA and raising their capacities through training, and ensuring their licensing by OSHAD.
  • Qualifying of inspectors on OSHAD SF implementation.
Authorities delegated by OSHAD
#Sector NameAuthoritiesActivities Type
1Energy Sector Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity AuthorityElectricity and Water generation, transmission and distribution
2Transport Sector Department of TransportSurface transport, marine transport and aviation
3Health Sector Department of HealthHealth Care (hospitals and health centers and clinics) and health services (labs and pharmacies)
4Education Sector Department of Education and KnowledgeEducation (universitities, schools and nurseries)
5Industrial Sector Industrial Development BureauManufacturing of various materials and products
6Tourism and Culture Sector
Department of Culure and TourismTourism services (hotels and hotel apartments) and cultural activities
7Food Sector Abu Dhabi Food Control AuthorityFood processing, meat production, food catering, retail and storage
8Building and Construction Sector Department of Urban Planning and MunicipalitiesBuilding, Construction and Demolition works (contractors, developers and consultants)
9Waste Sector Waste Center - Abu DhabiWaste collection, transportation, processing and disposal

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