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Personal Protective Equipment Program (PPE) is a program launched for the first time in 2018 by Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety & Health Center under the slogan“Protect yourself”, The Program aims to provide guide ness on how to improve and apply PPE Program by all entities.

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE as it is most commonly known everywhere in our daily working lives, from hard hats to protect our head, gloves to protect our hands, glasses to protect our eyes or sunscreen to protect Our skin from the harsh weather conditions in the region.

It can however be one of the most commonly misused items when looking at risk reduction within a business. PPE by design will not prevent any hazards from occurring, all it can do it to lessen the severity or provide you with some time before the hazard really hurts!

Oshad created the COP 2.0 (Personal Protective Equipment) and added to its awareness series Implementing an Effective Personal Protective Equipment Guide & Awareness posters for Employers and Employees on how to use and maintain their PPE.

Awareness Materials

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