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Training Courses and Workshops

OSHAD organizes a large number of training courses and workshops on OSHAD-SF requirements. It covers all relevant issues starting from nomination of government entities to developing and implementing OSHAD-SF, with continuous improvement and regular review that helps to enhance their performance. 


Targeted participants

  • Concerned government and private entities
  • Sector regulatory authorities
  • OSH teams from government entities who are responsible to develop and implement OSHAD-SF requirements.
  • OSH practitioners


Workshops and training courses organized by OSHAD

  1. Training course on OSHAD-SF development and implementation
  2. Workshop contractor management
  3. OSH incident notification, investigation and reporting
  4. OSH internal auditing
  5. OSH inspection
  6. OSHAD-SF Reporting Requirements
  7. Workshop on risk management
  8. Awareness workshop for OSH coordinators
  9. Senior Management roles and Responsibilities in relation to the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System Framework (OSHAD SF)


Note: Training courses and workshop are open only for government and private entities targeted by OSHAD, those registered in Al ADAA Application and OSH practitioners registered with Qudorat Program.  

In the future, the door will be open for all OSH professionals. 

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