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Qualification of Nationals Program

Abu Dhabi Occupational Health and Safety Center (OSHAD) actively seeks to supply government and private entities with qualified Emirati OSH professionals. Through communication with these entities, OSHAD has boecome aware of the significant shortage of qualified OSH officers with the availability of many vacancies.

OSHAD has collaborated with the concerned stakeholders in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to meet all training needs related to the Abu Dhabi Occupational Health and safety System Framework (OSHAD-SF) through the following:


Long-Term Training 

OSHAD offers post-secondary education programs in collaboration with colleges and universities in order to train Emirati nationals in OSH field. In 2009, Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) started a two-year OSH Diploma. Additionally, in 2012 Abu Dhabi University offered a bachelor program covering in part Occupational Health and Safety.


Training Course on OSHAD-SF Requirements (Targeting All OSH Practitioners in the Emirate)

OSHAD, in collaboration with ADVETI, has offered this special two-day course on OSHAD-SF requirements. It is delivered two or three times per month. Priority is given to auditors, and professionals working in government entities and sector regulatory authorities. Successful completion of this course is prerequisite for registration at Qudorat program. 

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